Review of Law and Order

Review of Law and Order

“Law and Order” are one of the most popular and best known television shows in the U.S. Sometime related to the New York City skyline, this drama depicts the often complex process of deciding innocence or guilt, when lives literally hang in the balance. Often times inspired by today’s headlines, the storylines often deal with ethical, legal or personal issues to which many viewers can relate.

In an alternate timeline, a serial killer wreaks havoc in the name of a new law and order. The head of the New York City Police Department, Commissioner John Lee, enlists the help of a highly resourceful detective to catch the perpetrator. Although the series takes place in modern day New York City, it draws on many of the same sources of inspiration as its predecessor.

Review of Law and Order
Review of Law and Order

One of the most compelling features of “Law and Order” is the relationship between the lead characters, John Lee and Jim Quant. A long-time police officer, Lee is a devoutly religious man who has always believed in following the law and protecting the innocent. While investigating one of the strangest murders in history, Lee uncovers the fact that the killer was actually a woman. This discovery sparks a personal vendetta against the killer and the city he resides in, London.

One of the strongest features of “Law and Order” is its cast. A string of celebrities make cameos throughout the series, including countless memorable characters from the Star Trek, X-Files, and Batman series. These appearances help give the show the ability to draw in a wide demographic. However, this isn’t the only reason the series is so successful. In addition to its stellar casts, “Law and Order” is consistently full of intelligent, well developed characters and an inspired soundtrack.

Composing an episode of “Law and Order” requires the director and writers to tackle some pretty heavy topics. With this in mind, it is little wonder that the first season was rather slow to deliver. Despite the slow pace, however, the first half of the season did manage to provide viewers with some wonderful story lines. Some of the characters developed, such as John Lee’s character, Jim Quant, and Sarah Paulson’s Assistant Manager, Victoria Clark, became quite interesting. Additionally, an intriguing subplot involving a high profile case made headlines several times, which added a bit of intrigue to the show.

However, after the midseason was introduced, things really began to heat up. The second season provided exciting stories that tackling major legal topics and raised the bar for what can be done in this industry. Moreover, the director, John Krasinski, stepped up his game and added some incredible legal techniques to the show. Along with a stellar cast, terrific directing, and an engaging screenplay, “Law and Order” was a must watch series. Luckily, it remains one of the best shows on television.

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