Why Choose Law Enforcing Citizen TV Shows When You Can Watch Them online

Why Choose Law Enforcing Citizen TV Shows When You Can Watch Them Online

A man from Boston, is found dead in the canal. He had been there for a week before he died. His wife and child had been brutally murdered at their home. Clyde Shelton (Gerard Butler), an honorable family man is just an average law abiding citizen, until the night his daughter and wife were killed in a house invasion. He desperately wants justice, but an ambitious attorney named Nick Rice (Jamie Fox) bargains with him in return for information.

Ten years later, a serial killer known as the Tiger is discovered dead in the same canal. An autopsy proves that he was the culprit and Nick names him ‘Tigress’. Ten years after the murder, the killer commits another killing spree which results in five more deaths. When the killer is arrested, he hears of an unscrupulous attorney named Harvey Specter (James Russo) who practices solely by the book. Whilst working on a case, he learns of the death of an assistant to a well-known lawyer in town, and makes a connection.

Why Choose Law Enforcing Citizen TV Shows When You Can Watch Them online
Why Choose Law Enforcing Citizen TV Shows When You Can Watch Them online

The attorney is thought to be connected to organized crime because of his neat goatee hairdo and his secretive past. However, when he appears to be the target of a burglary, he lets his client escape. Later that night, he finds his body riddled with bullet holes, which have now given him the unique name of ‘Tigress’.

Now, he has become the prime suspect in the murders of the latest victims. The only lead police have at this point is a set of boot prints that can not be matched. Whilst searching through the victims’ home, Detectives Rickotte (Brian Price) and Ellis (Ann-Margret) discover an ornamental key belonging to the owner of the house responsible for the burglaries. Once they key in the combination, however, they discover the fingerprints of Tigress on the ornamental key.

Tigress must, of course, meet with the court to be tried for the crime, but it will be an uphill struggle. He will find himself standing before the judge surrounded by his opponents, all with the same intention as him. What makes things complicated is that the district attorney (John Watts) refuses to use the boot print evidence against Tigress. He is convinced that fingerprints can never distinguish between one person and another. He would rather stick to what is commonly known as DNA evidence. So when Tigress is charged with the murder of the newest law clerk, the audience is left confused and fed up with the case.

With help from a close friend, Michael (John Earnings) an ex-cop, the law student decides to investigate the crimes. He soon finds that Tigress has a mole in the office which connects him to the dirty business. When Michael tries to talk to the attorney about this evidence, he learns that he is the target of a plan to eliminate him. Meanwhile, the lawyer Tigress hired is himself also implicated in the case. Can this beautiful criminal be trusted with the safekeeping of sensitive information such as the identity of a top US senator?

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